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Project Description
This is a simple tool which can help you convert lines in raster maps to a set of locations which later can be visualized using Silverlight Bing Maps (or some other mapping framework).

This application can help you when you have an existing map in a picture format (bitmap or vector) and you would like to use the route lines from this map in your application.

An alternative of MapCreator is MapCruncher. MapCruncher is tool from Microsoft which allows you to create your own Tiles source from existing map. When using a map component (Google Maps, Bing Maps or any other) the entire map is composed of several tiles, each tile, when you zoom in is again composed of "smaller tiles" (they are of the same size, but have higher precision).
So MapCruncher lets you create your own map, composed of you own tiles based on the raster image. Later you can use this new map and "put it over" the standard Bing/Google/Open map - thus showing the additional information.

This however has one disadvantage - the map is quite static - it is just a bunch of pixel on top of your the classic map - you are for example not able to get the total length of the route on the map.

Here is the advantage of MapCreator. You need to obtain the geo-data which specify the route lines - in other words coordinations of the route points. To obtain this data from predefined image you would need to first set the correspondence between the image and the map and than analyze the image to get all the points of your map. That is what MapCreator will do for you.

Some more information is available at my blog.

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